Destinations of Wellness
Connects Community Spirit with
Crowd sourced Wellness filled Adventures just for you

Explore Your Personal Landscape. Discover and Share with New and Old Friends.
Search. Find. Repeat.

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Expand and deepen your personal explorations.
Going solo or with friends you’ll always find your way with Destinations of Wellness.

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Explore your inner landscape

Expand and deepen your personal explorations.
Going solo or with friends you’ll always find your way with Destinations of Wellness.

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search find Repeat

Where is your Destination of Wellness? Let your friends know. We'll All Go.

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We are not scheduling events at this time due to COVID.



Destinations of Wellness
Adventures and Explorations

Enjoy friends, family, co-workers and like-minded individuals while sharing retreat vacation time. Day trips, weekends, and extended times guided by DOW and always inspired by you. Locally or miles away, DOW is an OPPORTUNITY to enhance and promote your personal well being.

We work with you and make all the arrangements from transportation and food to tickets and lodging. Destination goers are solo and groups  sharing your passion for wellness and adventure. We help you connect with like-minded travel seekers for a perfect group dynamic. Day or Week long retreats and events.

1. Crowd Sourced and DOW created retreat packages. 
2. We are friends and neighbors exploring positive locations, businesses, and holistic opportunities in our area.
3. DOW facilitates destinations, transportation, facilities, customized meals and fun.
4. Costs vary from one wellness destination to the next. We keep the prices as rock-bottom low as possible so as many as possible can go.
5. DOW, is located in Eugene, Oregon. Local Wellness destinations originate from there and explore the entire NW and Central US Coast and inland.
6. You provide ideas of where and how you’d like to go. You and your friends create your tour. And show up! That’s it.

Crowd Sourced

Crowd Sourced Destinations of Wellness

You and your friends are the tour guides. You descide where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do. Gather a few friends to come along. Sign up and DOW takes it from there making the arrangements for your destination.

DOW Sponsored

Destinations of Wellness - Eugene

Come with Us. We’re headed to various destinations every month.

Come with Us – DOW Sponsored

Featuring the one and only wonderful you! Share with us: Yoga, Meditation, Journaling, Authentic Cuisine, Mistica Hanging Bridges, Volcano Arenal, Beach Visit, Organic Chocolate Farm tour and more. Join us in the lush jungle of Costa Rica.

We’re always going to the Oregon Coast. We personalize your time. Explore with Destinations of Wellness if you are looking for a way to get away, get to where you want to be or be where you are. Our destination packages specialize in helping you discover what you need to retreat, relax, renew and empower all that is good.

Tell Us Your Destination Ideas

You and your friends are the tour guides. Give us a quick summary of your ideas. Where would you like to go? What would you like to do? Create your ideal vacation retreat with us. Give us your ideas. We’ll get back to you.

Here’s Where DOW is Headed Next…

Lavender Fields and Festivals

Hot Springs and Waterfalls. Just come as you are. We'll provide towels and wraps. Snacks, Drinks and Lunch are provided. Relax in the hot springs. 

Oregon Coast Beach Excursions. Come and Explore with Captain Clameron Expeditions.

Your Hosts Jen and Duane Champion

Backgrounds in wellness, travel, yoga, and exploring life. Your contacts for an event filled adventure in wellness. We support local resousrces. We include everyone.

Find DOW Here: MeetUp, Eugene Weekly, Nextdoor, AirBNB Experiences and Alignable

We Are Social Too